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The Thank You Post

The Thank You BLOG!

Our store pinkginger in Merrickville, Ontario is small but packed full of great customer service and amazing personal care products.  If these walls could tell stories, there would be laughter, tears and whole lotta talk about skincare without the chemicals.  Many customer stories have touched in ways we would have never imagined.  We sure hope our clients know how much we appreciate them.  pinkginger would never have happened without the help of many family members.  Before pinkginger, I never realized how many different talents run in my family.  Well, I knew but I didn’t get as involved and for that I feel slightly guilty and thrilled that I am rekindling relationships with relatives I haven’t spoken to in awhile.  So as customer relationships grow in pinkginger, they are also growing in my own family.  Where to start?

Logo design – my cousin Link is a great guy, quite funny and he always has extremely interesting opinions about most things.  Link designed our pinkginger logo for us and provided many useful recommendations regarding design layout on our signs, business cards and posters.  You are very talented Link and we thank you very much!

Press Release / Web Content – my dear Aunt Lou-Ann helped out in a jiffy.  She writes for the Kingsville Reporter and a variety of other news magazines.  She is a great writer and I cringe that she will be reading my blog and cringing herself over the grammar errors and other proper English that I have forgotten since grade school.  Lou-Ann will be writing for me in the coming future and look out for her as I am going to ask her to guest blog!

FAQ’s/Design Questions – Yes, I am thanking my Aunt Peggy for the countless calls I made to her asking her many questions on paint color for the walls, for the shelves.  She provided us with such great ‘whites’ that we constantly have customers asking exactly what color ‘whites’ are on our walls, trim and shelves.  I will tell you, you just have to ask!  Peggy Kreling is a great home stager – email me if you need a referral, she’s awesome.

Renovations – A Huge, Gigantic thank you to my Dad and Mom.  They are fabulous and still continue to amaze me with their support and encouragement.  Dad designed and built the shelves for the store, desk, backlit poster and put new floors in with the help of my brother.  Basically he renovated the entire store to what it is today.  My brother also ‘loaned’ us labour to help with the drywall and electrical work – many thanks to Chip and his crew.  After countless hours and many returns, my Mom picked the perfect fabric for the bench seat and helped pull it altogether, complete with gorgeous pillows from Mrs.McGarrigles!

Local Merchants in Merrickville – Many of the local business owners have been more than helpful to us, whether its a question about retail in Merrickville or how busy do you think this weekend will be to “Help, I need a paper roll for the Moneris machine” – they have been spectacular.  A special shout out to Gary & Shelley of An Inch of Gold – they are next door to us and always lend us a hand when we need it.  Last, I must mention Mrs.McGarrigles for sending customers to our way – Christine and I thank each and every one of you!

I know that I am missing people…oh right, my husband who led me into this wonderful crazy world of entrepreneurism.  You are my anchor.  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with me and for always rooting for pinkginger’s success.

Enjoy!  And don’t forget to shop for organic beauty products at www.pinkgingershop.com



3 Responses

  1. Chay,

    Congrats on the on-line store and the blog…I loved reading all of your postings! Everything looks great!!

    Best of luck!


  2. Thank-you for the thank-you….I am so proud of you, and your entrepreneurism, keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your blog,

    much love,

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