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pinkginger blog has moved!

Please visit us at our new location www.pinkgingershop.com/blog

Hope to see you there!

Chay & Christine


pinkginger gets mentioned in cyberpresse.ca

I worked last weekend on Sunday and I had a lovely visit from a customer who lives in Gatineau.  We struck up a great conversation about argan oil, organic personal care products, neighbourhoods and restaurants!  By the end of the conversation, she left with some great Deep Steep products http://www.pinkgingershop.com/brand-products.php?brand=Deep%20Steep products and our business card.  She told me she would mention pinkginger to her daughter who is a writer for http://www.cyberpresse.ca and to my delight there is a lovely little article about pinkginger and Merrickville.  Our customer even took a great picture of the outside of our store!  Here is the link: http://bloguesmu.cyberpresse.ca/granos/ or keep reading below for both the French version and my translated version (I am truly sorry for any errors in translation). But before that, just a small bit on argan oil;

For our customers who are looking for amazing argan oil, we will have it in the shop soon and online!

argan trees

Argan oil is called miraculous by some.  Argan oil comes from the nuts of an argan tree, most of which are in Morocco.  Some of our customers who use argan oil tell us that there skin texture has drastically improved due to its restorative properties and ant-aging effects.  It is extremely high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.  Many claim it helps with psoriasis, dry skin and provides for a more youthful look!  I can’t wait to get it in the store!

Yes, I did digress – below is the article from cyberpresse.ca in both French and English!

Le Jeudi 4 février 2010 | Mise en ligne à 13h48 | Commenter Commentaires (5)

Merrickville, Merrickville

Ève Dumas

Lorsque ma mère, qui habite à Gatineau,  en a marre de magasiner sur le boulevard Maloney, elle et son chum font une promenade du dimanche jusqu’à Merrickville. Ce charmant petit village se trouve à 40 minutes d’Ottawa, en direction de Kingston. On y trouve de jolies boutiques,  des pubs sympathiques et des produits locaux, dont les  extraordinaires moutardes et chutneys Mrs. McGarrigle’s.

Ma chère «Moumsie» ne manque jamais de me faire part de ses découvertes par voie de courriel. Je partage sa plus récente missive électronique avec vous:

Photo Odette DumasPhoto Odette Dumas

«Dimanche, nous  sommes allés à Merrickville pour acheter la mousse à bain bio (je t’en envoie un petit contenant par la poste pour que tu puisses l’essayer et je te donnerai le gros contenant quand je te verrai). Cette petite boutique est vraiment bien. Ça s’appelle Pinkginger et une des deux proprios, qui s’appelle Chay Geauvreau, a aussi un blogue. Elle, son chum et leurs deux jeunes enfants sont végétaliens et elle ne vend que des produits (pour les petits enfants et les adultes) qui sont bios. Il y a même du Dr. Alkaitis dont je t’ai donné les produits en cadeau et que j’avais fait venir de la Californie (si j’avais su). Elle est vraiment gentille, je lui ai recommandé de s’approvisionner en huile d’argan et lui ai donné un endroit à Pointe-Claire où elle peut s’en procurer.

Je lui ai parlé de ton blogue (elle ne parle pas français mais son chum est franco). Voici son site si tu veux le regarder : www.pinkgingershop.com. On peut acheter en ligne.  Et son blogue : www.pinkvegan.wordpress.com.

La mousse à bain que j’achète pour les enfants est le Deep Steep. Tu peux aller voir.

And now for the translation:

February 4, 2010 | 13h 48  | Commenter Comments (5)

Merrickville, Merrickville

Ève Dumas

When my mother, who lives in Gatineau, is tired of shopping on Maloney Boulevard, she and her husband goes for a Sunday drive to Merrickville. This charming small village is 40 minutes outside of Ottawa, in the direction of Kingston. One finds there pretty shops, cozy pubs and local products, and the extraordinary mustards and chutneys Mrs. McGarrigle’ S.
My dear “Moumsie” never fails to inform me of her discoveries by way of email. I will share her latest e-mail with you:
“Sunday, we went in Merrickville to buy organic bubble bath (I sent a small container by the post office to you so that you can try it out and I will give you the large container when I see you). This small shop is really good. It is called Pinkginger and one of the two owners,  is named Chay Geauvreau, also has a blog. She, her husband and their two young children are vegans and she sells only products (for the small children and the adults) which are organic. There is even Dr. Alkaitis of which I gave you as a gift and which I had got from California (if only I had known). She is really nice, I recommended to her to supply  argan oil and gave her a place in Point-Claire where she can get some. I spoke to her about your blog (she does not speak French but her husband does). Here is the site if you want to look at it: www.pinkgingershop.com. You can buy on line. And her vegan blog is at www.pinkvegan.wordpress.com. The bubble bath that I bought for the children is Deep Steep. You can go to see.
And that’s the end of the article.  I found it very sweet for her daughter to directly post her Mom’s email in her blog entry. And that’s why I love blogs, you get away from the overly edited corporate speak and into a world where people are more real or more true to themselves.  By for now.

The Thank You Post

The Thank You BLOG!

Our store pinkginger in Merrickville, Ontario is small but packed full of great customer service and amazing personal care products.  If these walls could tell stories, there would be laughter, tears and whole lotta talk about skincare without the chemicals.  Many customer stories have touched in ways we would have never imagined.  We sure hope our clients know how much we appreciate them.  pinkginger would never have happened without the help of many family members.  Before pinkginger, I never realized how many different talents run in my family.  Well, I knew but I didn’t get as involved and for that I feel slightly guilty and thrilled that I am rekindling relationships with relatives I haven’t spoken to in awhile.  So as customer relationships grow in pinkginger, they are also growing in my own family.  Where to start?

Logo design – my cousin Link is a great guy, quite funny and he always has extremely interesting opinions about most things.  Link designed our pinkginger logo for us and provided many useful recommendations regarding design layout on our signs, business cards and posters.  You are very talented Link and we thank you very much!

Press Release / Web Content – my dear Aunt Lou-Ann helped out in a jiffy.  She writes for the Kingsville Reporter and a variety of other news magazines.  She is a great writer and I cringe that she will be reading my blog and cringing herself over the grammar errors and other proper English that I have forgotten since grade school.  Lou-Ann will be writing for me in the coming future and look out for her as I am going to ask her to guest blog!

FAQ’s/Design Questions – Yes, I am thanking my Aunt Peggy for the countless calls I made to her asking her many questions on paint color for the walls, for the shelves.  She provided us with such great ‘whites’ that we constantly have customers asking exactly what color ‘whites’ are on our walls, trim and shelves.  I will tell you, you just have to ask!  Peggy Kreling is a great home stager – email me if you need a referral, she’s awesome.

Renovations – A Huge, Gigantic thank you to my Dad and Mom.  They are fabulous and still continue to amaze me with their support and encouragement.  Dad designed and built the shelves for the store, desk, backlit poster and put new floors in with the help of my brother.  Basically he renovated the entire store to what it is today.  My brother also ‘loaned’ us labour to help with the drywall and electrical work – many thanks to Chip and his crew.  After countless hours and many returns, my Mom picked the perfect fabric for the bench seat and helped pull it altogether, complete with gorgeous pillows from Mrs.McGarrigles!

Local Merchants in Merrickville – Many of the local business owners have been more than helpful to us, whether its a question about retail in Merrickville or how busy do you think this weekend will be to “Help, I need a paper roll for the Moneris machine” – they have been spectacular.  A special shout out to Gary & Shelley of An Inch of Gold – they are next door to us and always lend us a hand when we need it.  Last, I must mention Mrs.McGarrigles for sending customers to our way – Christine and I thank each and every one of you!

I know that I am missing people…oh right, my husband who led me into this wonderful crazy world of entrepreneurism.  You are my anchor.  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with me and for always rooting for pinkginger’s success.

Enjoy!  And don’t forget to shop for organic beauty products at www.pinkgingershop.com


The Renovations We Completed in April 2009

Many of our customers ask us about our store.  What is was before pinkginger occupied its space and how we renovated and who did the renovations and who chose the colors etc.  We encourage lots of chatter in our store and we love when our customers ask us about pinkginger!  So I thought I would post some before and after pics of the store.

Pic 1 – This is what the store looked like before…

Prior to pinkginger, this space was occupied by merchants who sold jam and honey, jewelry, real estate office and when we took down the half wall, it revealed plumbing that was used as a former laundromat.  This 220sq ft space definately has an interesting and diverse history.  Part of its charm, I’m sure.

Pic 2 – The shelves start going up…

I loved seeing the shelves go up.  It was really at this point that I realized I was opening up a store with Christine.  It was pre-opening jitters from that moment on.

Pic 3 – Our little bench seat that gets so much use!

Underneath this bench seat is a bunch of rock/stone so my Dad recommended a bench seat instead of drilling through the rock for extra store space.

The shelves get a coat of paint…getting there…

Getting even closer to the finished product…

Our beloved bench seat is completed!This bench seat gets more use than we ever thought possible.  A little secret…lots of Auto and Truck traders magazines are hidden beneath the pillows.  Thanks to one of our client’s husband for the suggestion!

The floors are in, products on the shelve…all we need now are customers!

Voila! The big reveal! Floors in, shelves up, reception desk complete, products on shelve!

We love our store! Hope you do too!

We hope to see you at pinkginger soon.


How The Time Flies…

Wow.  I can not believe that we opened our little store back in May and here it is already December, almost entering the New Year.  Where does time go???  My business partner and I are so pleased to announce that pinkginger opened to a most receptive audience.  We are so thankful to our customers and local merchants in Merrickville for helping us find our way and being so generous with their time and helpful hints.  Our retail store launched quietly but with great enthusiasm.  Many of our customers have told us the same thing over and over again, “We are so thrilled that pinkginger has opened, the products that you carry have literally changed my skin.” Or “I have so many allergies to phlatates and synthetic fragrances, I love that I can come in pinkginger and not have to turn around and leave the store due to my allergies”. The best comments are, pinkginger is in a class all of its own, will you please open a store in my town!“.

Our dream is to continue to offer our customers high end luxury organic products in pinkginger stores and on our website.  It has truly been a huge learning curve and still is, it has given me a new appreciation for all small business owners and entrepreneurs.   We thank everyone who has helped make pinkginger possible.  In fact, I will be devoting a blog to those individuals in the upcoming days.  We have lots planned and are excited to be introducing new products in 2010 both at our retail location in Merrickville and on our website http://www.pinkgingershop.com.

You will not find any big corporate talk on this blog or our twitter.  pinkginger is a small business owned and operated by two Moms of many toddlers.  We are passionate about natural, organic personal care products that work.  We are passionate about growing pinkginger.  We know we will make mistakes but when it comes to customer service we will do OUR VERY BEST to ensure that your shopping experience at pinkginger is second to none.  Really, we will.  Christine and I will be blogging about the organic skincare, the organic industry and companies that are changing the landscape of the beauty industry.  There is a lot out there and we hope to disseminate some of that information for you.  We are NOT die-hard only sell ‘certified organic’ products, instead we offer our clients a range of organic, natural, certified organic and products from bio-dynamic farming methods.  Every brand, every product has a story to tell.  I love nothing more than telling customers how a certain product or regime helped another customer and I encourage all of our customers to share their skincare stories with us.

Every day we learn something new about ourselves, about our store and about our customers.  I hope you will enjoy our journey with us.  You can e-mail me at chay@pinkgingershop.com.  I answer all questions by e-mail within 24 hours and I respond to all comments, positive and negative.

Enjoy the last few days of 2009.


pinkginger – What we’re all about!

pinkginger is a luxury organic boutique, featuring thoughtful skin and hair care products.  pinkginger is located at 141 St.Lawrence St in Merrickville, Ontario which has been named Canada’s Most Beautiful Village, by Communities in Bloom.  This unique vibrant Victorian village is located on The Rideau Canal and caters to a large retail market making it a prime location for pink ginger.

Our ‘bricks and mortar’ store will open in April 2009. Our website will launch January 2009. Our brands are sourced from around the world with utmost thought and care.  Our products are carefully selected, maintaining the highest quality ingredients for your skin.  Simply put, the products must produce RESULTS, contain healthy ingredients and be luxurious to look at, to feel and ultimately to bring home.   pinkginger’s product lines will NOT contain nitrosamines, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, hydroquinone, 1,4-dioxane or other toxic and synthetic chemicals.  Our promise to our clientele is that they will leave knowing they committed to a safe, healthy, results-oriented and luxurious product.